Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reply From Nguyen La Chanh : Moss Carpet Inventor

I wrote to Nguyen La Chanh trying to find if these carpets were commercially available. This is his response to my questions. Please note he has included his email address at the bottom as well as a website. Got questions? Ask him. He seems like a lovely person. The email starts below:


Thanks a lot for writing me!

I'm really sorry to tell you that my little moss carpet will stay in my bathroom for now... :-(

I only did one prototype and didn't planed to commercialized it. I would need to make many pieces to lower the costs... Because even though, it doesn't look like it, it's a pretty expensive carpet ! :-)

But since many people are writing me to buy one, I'm gonna think about finding a way to commercialize it.

I'll keep your email address and will let you know if it's possible to buy one in the near future.

Best regards


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kathi said...

Sounds like a good somebody for entrepreneur William Kantz to talk to - hope he's checking your blog! :)

PS - does everyone know a "Navy shower" means water's off except when rinsing?