Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Reader Says...

Probably my most faithful reader, Kathi, brought up this point. Kathi scuba dives and she goes to many different countries. Her method of spreading the word about reef destruction, sea pollution and climate change is to take a bag with her on her dives. She fills this bag with some of the garbage she finds. Back on shore, she subtly starts talking with the natives who live there getting her points across regarding recycling.

And that's the trick, of course. Not much gets changed when people are preached at; however, when people are talked with (not at, not around, not down to) ideas can be planted. These ideas stand a better chance of growing because they were planted with kindness into what is now a receptive mind.

You really do catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I can see Kathi now - talking honey while holding onto a stinking bag of garbage. It's an image I'll not easily get out of my mind.

Conservation looks good on ya, K!

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kathi said...

How fun to see this.

Actually, what I do is take a dive bag with me while diving. I pick up the garbage from the sea floor. the cruise ships have a long, horrid history of just throwing their trash overboard when they dock in the Caribbean and I'm sure other unregulated places.

Taking the dive bag with me models for all the Natives who takes tourists down. It gets their attention since to them I am a rich American. Then I have the perfect opportunity to say, "If you want to make money off the water, you have to take care of it." Since it speaks to their interest, making money, they listen. It was so fun in Jamaica, the first time I did this, to see the Natives take their own bags on our dive the next day. Pied Piper of the waters.