Monday, January 5, 2009

Reclaiming Wasted Space

One way of reducing our carbon footprints is by reducing our living space. The less space we live in the less space we have to heat and cool, the more space can be devoted to other causes such as helping to reduce our personal carbon footprints. Obviously some large land spaces are required for pursuits such as agriculture; bird and animal sanctuaries; preservation of ecologically-sensitive areas and other installations that we, as people, require to maintain our quality of life (sewage treatment plants, etc.)

However, there are many ways to save space in our homes so we can downsize and still live comfortable life styles. One of the largest wastes of space in any home is the space underneath the stairs. We are all aware of the traditional use of this space - either using it as a closet for items used with reasonable regularity (Christmas decorations, hockey equipment, golf equipment, etc) that you don't want to put in the basement or putting in a small desk and computer.

I have found very creative ways of using that space under the stairs - saves space, looks good, and will draw rave reviews from your friends. Let's have a look.

If you are a collector requiring a reasonable amount of space that is out of the way and away from prying eyes try the above. Keeps your collection safe and looks attractive when closed and not in use.

This one can be used to store all manner of things: socks and mittens on the lower stairs for little hands and feet; a couple of towels for wet visitors on rainy days; the dog's leash and walking equipment; whatever takes your fancy.

For those who still like to hang a picture or have some sort of decoration on the stair wall; but, would like a little extra storage room - how about a pullout storage tray. Best of both worlds.

My favourite. Store a couple of appliances there. This pictures a frig and dishwasher (I think). I would modify slightly and make it my washer/dryer/laundry area. Hope this has started your little grey cells working. Mine have.

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