Saturday, January 3, 2009

What Do Sneakers and Egg Cartons Have in Common?

This is one of the best examples of recycling, space management, creativity, and environmentalism that I have encountered in quite a while.

The shoebox is made from the 100% recycled pulp egg cartons that are sold in supermarkets all over just about every country. The egg cartons are reduced to a slurry and molded to fit the shape of a pair of shoes. This reduces the room for slippage inside the carton to almost nothing so the shoes receive extra protection from this type of packaging.

Due to the material used, the additional strength in the cartons allows them to be stacked higher (uses less warehouse space), reduces transportation costs (can be stacked higher) and the cartons are 100% recyclable or reuseable.

Newton Running has added a cherry to the top of this environmental sundae. Instead of filling the toe of the shoe with disposable tissue, they fill one toe with a pair of socks and the other toe with a reusable shoe bag. No waste, no impact on the environment.


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