Friday, May 15, 2009

Are You Having Trouble Viewing Videos on This Blog?


Several of you have mentioned not being able to view the videos that I have embedded in this blog. I may have the solution.

I tried watching some videos from several sites that I was viewing just yesterday. The videos streamed beautifully and I watched quite a few of them. Today, I was unable to stream one video, I just kept getting error messages saying that either I had disabled my JavaScript or I didn't have the latest Flash Player. One of these sites is, the site I usually use for embedded videos.

Overnight, my flash player had become obsolete as these sites had done some upgrading and I needed to update my flash player. This turned out to be more difficult than expected.

The site to visit for a free flash player download (and solutions if it doesn't work the first time):

It didn't work the first time for me and I had to change some computer settings to allow the download. Fortunately, this site also has the solutions.

May your download go better than mine!

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