Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Sliding House

dRMM Architecture has been an innovator in home design for many years; but, possibly their most ambitious and an eco-interesting design so far is the Sliding Home featured in the above video.

dRMM Architecture based in London, England built the home to fit the English countryside. You might be tricked into thinking that you are looking at a typical European barn-style home with a 45 degree pitch to the roof. However, if you watch it for a day, you will notice that it changes form and shape to match the season, weather or time of day.

The Sliding House transforms between a glass and a solid exterior. The glass exterior houses the actual living space while the solid exterior pulls over the glass exterior much like a letter slides into an envelope.

The result is a home that can take full advantage of the sunlight and its warmth; show off a starry night to its best advantage; or close itself off, allowing maximum protection from the elements.

The solid exterior moves by a track system with wheels and four tiny electric motors connected to standard 12-volt car batteries. The entire transformation (open to closed) takes about 6 minutes.

dRMM Architecture is also the brains behind the Glide House and the Accordion House.

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