Friday, May 22, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

May 21---Oregon Food Bank recalls Frozen BLUEBERRIES
May 21---Valley Meats recalls GROUND BEEF Products
May 21---St. Clair Food recalls Pimento Cheese SPREAD
May 21---McFarling Foods recalls Harvest of Eden Cut GREEN BEANS
May 21---San Mar Manufacturing recalls Cool River FRUIT PUNCH
May 21---Nutro Products recalls Dry CAT FOOD Products
May 21---Rio Pluma recalls Several PEANUT PRODUCTS
May 21---Domega International issues allergy alert on Fmd SPICED BEANS
May 21---Arsenic levels high in RICE research---U.K.
May 21---Substandard RICE found in 99 Taipei schools---Taipei
May 21---Ross Stores recalls 39” St. Anne Acacia BENCHES
May 21---Bunn-O-Matic recalls Single Cup Tea/COFFEEMAKERS
May 21---Ely and Walker recall Cumberland Outfitters Girl’s Hooded SWEATSHIRTS
May 21---Gothic Cabinet Craft recalls Twin/Twin Extra-Large/Twin Over Full BUNK BEDS
May 21---Cunningham's Warehouse recalls Several CHILDREN'S TOYS---Australia
May 21---Ridge Tool recalls Ridgid 300 Power Drive Threading MACHINES---Australia
May 21---Triple Play Products recalls Sit'n'Stroll Child Restraint SYSTEMS
May 21---Arvinmeritor recalls Haldex Quick Release VALVES
May 21---Mozo Products recalls Several HID Headlight KITS
May 21---Kenworth recalls Several 2005-2009 TRUCKS
May 21---Jaguar recalls 2007-2009 XK VEHICLES
May 21---Autocar recalls 2008-2009 WXLL Class 8 VEHICLES
May 21---Volkswagen recalls 2006-2009 Jetta VEHICLES
May 21---Fleetwood recalls 2009 Tradition MOTORHOMES
May 21---Ducati recalls 2008 Desmosedici RR MOTORCYCLES
May 21---Nissan recalls 2003-2007 Murano VEHICLES
May 21---Scania recalls Several 2005-2008 TRUCKS---Australia
May 21---Hoffmann La Roche recalls Klonopin WAFERS
May 21---First Aid Only Inc. recalls Sore Throat LOZENGES
May 21---Hospira Inc. recalls Hydrocortisone Sodium SUCCINATES
May 21---Roche recalls MagNA Pure LC Robotic WORKSTATIONS
May 21---Draeger Medical recalls Carina Home VENTILATORS
May 21---Diagnostics Chemical recalls Limited Iron ASSAYS
May 21---CHS Nutrition recalls Safeguard Hog/Beef DEWORMER---Veterinary
May 21---TEVA Animal Health Inc. recalls Several Animal INJECTIONS---Veterinary
May 21---Ethicon Inc. updates ongoing SUTURE recall---International
May 21---DH recalls Qian Yan Cosmetic CREAMS---Hong Kong
May 21---Zimmer recalls Sirus Intramedullary NAILS---International
May 21---Smiths Medical recalls BCI Advisor Vital Signs MONITORS---International
May 21---GE Healthcare recalls Centricity TriWin Laboratory Information SYSTEMS---International

Stay safe, friends!

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kathi said...

P - Wondering if you could make a special section to see the recall items that we could click into. It is apparent that you put a lot of work into getting them for us and it is appreciated, but your blogs are what I find interesting. Hugs, k