Sunday, May 17, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

May 16---L&M Companies/Wal-Mart recall Whole CANTALOUPES
May 16---Los Corrales recalls Dried CHORIZO Products
May 16---Meatworld Fishworld recalls Sliced PASTRAMI---Australia
May 16---Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation recalls Low-Priced RICE WINES---Thailand
May 16---Rocky Mountain Grain Products recalls "More Than a Square Meal" BARS w/Raisins---Canada
May 16---Fromagerie Couland recalls Couland CHEESE---Canada
May 16---Canon recalls EOS-1Ds Mark III CAMERAS---U.S./Puerto Rico
May 16---Heartland recalls 2010 Eagle Ridge Fifth Wheel TRAILERS
May 16---Norcold recalls 1200LR/1200LRIM COOLING UNITS
May 16---Airstream recalls Several 2002-2009 TRAVEL TRAILERS
May 16---GM recalls 2009 Spark VEHICLES---China
May 16---Respironics recalls SmartMonitor2 Infant Apnea MONITORS

Stay safe, friends!

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