Thursday, May 21, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

May 19---Waitrose issues allergy alert on Oriental SUPPER FOR TWO w/ Spring Rolls---U.K.
May 19---MAF recalls Pork Liver SAUSAGES---France
May 19---10,000 tons of contaminated Chinese RADISH seized---China
May 19---European Food & Feed Recalls---Week 20
May 19---Cannondale recalls BICYCLES w/JD Suspension Forks
May 19---Trek recalls BICYCLES w/JD Suspension Forks
May 19---Norco recalls Bicycle FRAMES
May 19---Marine Power recalls Savage/Bermuda Aluminium/Fiberglass BOATS---Australia
May 19---Ford recalls 2008-2009 LV Focus/MA Mondeo VEHICLES---Australia

Stay safe, friends!

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