Friday, May 15, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

May 14---Sunrise Commodities recalls Nature's Original Cranberry/Oriental/Spicy/Trail MIXES
May 14--- Vitamin Shoppe Ind. recalls Naturals Bayou/ Trail MIXES
May 14---Babco Foods recall Several Anand PRODUCTS
May 14---Safie Specialty Foods recalls Old Fashioned Padre Pio’s Mild PEPPERONCINI
May 14---HP recalls Hewlett-Packard /Compaq Notebook Computer Lithium-Ion BATTERIES
May 14---Build-A-Bear Workshop recalls Folding Toy BEACH CHAIRS---International
May 14---Winners Merchants recalls Asquith & Somerset Coconut Cream BODY MOISTURIZER---Canada
May 14---Life Root Healing recalls Restore and Rejuvenate EYE CREAM---Canada
May 14---HC endorsed important safety information on BHM/Medi-Man Combi SLING---Canada
May 14---The Foir'Fouille recalls Vibrating PLATFORMS---France
May 14---Medtronic Spine recalls KyphX Xpander Inflatable BONE TAMPS
May 14---Siemens Medical recalls Mammomat Novation MAMMOGRAPHY SYSTEMS
May 14---Siemens Medical recalls Axiom Sireskop IMAGING DEVICES
May 14---Zimmer recalls Nexgen Complete Knee Solution Fluted Stemmed Tibial BROACH---Int.
May 14---GE Healthcare recalls CIC Pro SOFTWARE---Int.
May 14---Nova Biomedical Corp. recalls CCX Creatinine Membrane KITS---Int.
May 14---Ethicon Inc. updates ongoing SUTURE recall---Int.
May 14---Tollot/Aaxis Pacific recall Healband Fabric STRIPS---Australia

Stay safe, friends!

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