Saturday, May 2, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

Enough recalls for several days:

May 1---Klein's Naturals recalls Several PISTACHIO Products
May 1---TV Food recalls 3.5oz. CURRY SPICE
May 1---CFIA updates Piller Sausages and Delicatessens Smoked PRODUCTS recall---Canada
May 1---Asda/Co-op/Tesco/Waitrose recalls SESAME SEEDS---U.K.
May 1---Muji's issues safety warning on Notebook BARBEQUE/ GRILL---U.K.
May 1---Tesco/Highlights Imports Ltd. recall Supertraveller Worldwide TRAVEL ADAPTORS---U.K.
May 1---Lollipop Lane recalls Fold-away Moses BASKET STANDS---U.K.
May 1---Get Agencies recalls Glass-Topped DINING TABLES---U.K.
May 1---Amazonas recalls 2 Swinging BABY HAMMOCKS---U.K.
May 1---Amazonas recalls Children's MINI SWING---U.K.
May 1---Zero-Mark recalls Natural Fairness BEAUTY CREAMS---U.K.
May 1---Fluke recalls 33X CLAMP METERS---Australia
May 1---Burberry recalls Baby's Long Sleeve BODYSUITS---Italy
May 1---Burberry recalls 2 Children's CARDIGANS---Italy
May 1---Zheng Da recalls 100 LED LIGHTING CHAINS---Slovakia
May 1---Virage/Mararia/Vanelli recall Ladie's ANKLE BOOTS/ SHOES---Spain
May 1---Casa Seleccion recalls Blue THERMOS FLASK---Spain
May 1---Sarah Zanka recalls Black/Grey BACKLESS SHOES---France
May 1---Wonpro recalls TRAVEL ADAPTERS---Czech Republic
May 1---Brio recalls Pull Along TOY BUNNIES---Sweden
May 1---Brio recalls Stacking PENGUINS TOY---Sweden
May 1---Billy Bob recalls Baby's PACIFIER/ SOOTHER---Sweden
May 1---Soft Toy STRETCH CENTIPEDE recalled---Cyprus
May 1---Eva Puzzle Mats recalls FLOOR PUZZLES---Cyprus
May 1---Jumbo recalls Children’s Tasselled PULLOVERS---Greece
May 1---Jumbo recalls Children’s Sleeveless SWEATERS---Greece
May 1---Lelukulma recalls Plastic Toy BOW/KNIFE Set---Finland
May 1---Texas/Houston/Dover/Washington RECLINER CHAIRS recalled---Finland
May 1---Jem Light recalls Refillable LIGHTERS---Poland
May 1---Toys recalls Zabawka/Lalka TOY DOLL---Poland
May 1---Wild Animal recalls Soft Plastic TOY DINOSAURS---Poland
May 1---Toy Sound-Emitting STEERING WHEELS recalled---Poland
May 1---Best Pets recalls Plastic Toy DINOSAURS---Poland
May 1---Baby Phone recalls Children's Toy MOBILE PHONES---Poland
May 1---Kris recalls Cooking Deluxe Toy KITCHEN SET---Poland
May 1---Eurodezigns recalls Several Aftermarket HID CONVERSION KITS
May 1---Pierce Mfg. recalls Several 2008 Emergency VEHICLES w/Trimark Latches
May 1---Ducati recalls 2009 Monster 696 MOTORCYCLES
May 1---Caterpillar recalls C15 6 Cylinder DIESEL ENGINES
May 1---BMW recalls 2009 Mini Cooper Convertible VEHICLES
May 1---Jaguar recalls 2004 XJ VEHICLES
May 1---Subaru recalls SA 098/Rola ROOF BARS---Australia
May 1---Kymco recalls 2005 People 50S SCOOTERS---Greece
May 1---Peugeot recalls 2007-2008 4007 VEHICLES---Greece
May 1---KTM recalls Several 2009 MOTORCYCLES---Greece
May 1---FDA Warns Consumers to Stop Using HYDROXYCUT Dietary Supplement Products

Stay safe, friends!

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