Friday, May 15, 2009

What Can You Do With An Abandoned Railroad Line?

You see them everywhere. Lengthy tracks of overgrown weeds, debris, broken railroad ties, shifting track beds. In this era of "reduce, reuse, recycle" you would think something could be done with these miles of abandoned railroad line.

Detroit, Michigan has the answer.

A Detroit railroad line that has been abandoned since the 1980s has now been turned into a 1.2 mile biking and walking path named the Dequindre Cut.

Detroit officials state this only the beginning and that many other abandoned lines will receive similar treatment. Officials state: "The Dequindre Cut is the latest in a growing network of greenways -- nonmotorized community links -- that eventually could encompass 100 miles of such trails throughout Detroit."

Photos: Heartland Research.

This photo was taken during construction before the landscapers filled in the greenery. They kept some of the best graffiti, and to make the Cut safer, it has security cameras and boxes. Kudos, Detroit. Now keep going.

This a video of someone riding the Cut on opening day May 14, 2009. The video shows the amazing transformation from abandoned, dangerous eyesore to thing of beauty.

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