Saturday, May 2, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

Food, nuts, clothing and vehicles:

Apr 30---Kleen-Pak recalls Curly-Leaf Fresh SPINACH
Apr 30---Piller Sausages and Delicatessens recalls "Taste Better than Bacon" SMOKED HAM/ "Lean & Tasty" BACON SLICES---Canada
Apr 30---Pasta & Co recalls Chinese Vermicelli/Pot Sticker SALADS
Apr 30---Torn & Glasser recall Several PISTACHIO Containing Products
Apr 30---Premier Nutrition recalls Odyssey NUTRITION BARS
Apr 30---Loaded Boards Inc. recalls Orangatang In Heat Skateboard WHEELS
Apr 30---DTX International recalls Pasadena/Princeton/Paducah POPCORN MACHINES
Apr 30---Update---BabyGap recalls Children's COATS
Apr 30---Pumpkin Patch recalls Hooded Girls’ RAINCOATS
Apr 30---Jardine adds 7 models to expanded BABY CRIB recall
Apr 30---Goshen Coach recalls 2008-2009 GC II BUSES
Apr 30---Paccar recalls 2008-2009 T270/T370 4x2 Kenworth TRUCKS
Apr 30---Gulf Stream recalls 2006-2007 Crescendo/Tourmaster/Friendship MOTORHOMES
Apr 30---Volvo recalls 2007-2008 V70/XC70/ S80 VEHICLES---Australia/U.S.
Apr 30---Disetronic Medical Systems/Roche recall Accu-Chek Spirit INSULIN PUMPS
Apr 30---Manufacturers of Licensed Botulinum Toxin PRODUCTS must strengthen warnings

Stay safe, friends!

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