Saturday, May 23, 2009

Turning Prayers Into Energy

Photo courtesty Inhabitat

Tibetan prayer wheels. Who hasn’t seen pictures of the huge wheels in motion as person after person, tourist after tourist, penitent after penitent, walk the line spinning each prayer wheel as they pass mumbling prayers.

Tibet's prayer wheels are believed to generate positive energy that helps refresh the soul and helps carry the petition from the penitents’ lips to God’s ear. An enterprising student has found a way that they can be used to harness another form of energy. One that refreshes the earth – kinetic energy.

Taikkun Yang Li, a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s GFRY Studio, inventor of the Prayer Wheel Energy Generator, has entered it in the Milan Furniture Fair. The Prayer Wheel Energy Generator uses parts that are available globally – used bicycle parts and a discarded fan motor – making it ideal for third-world countries.

The idea couldn’t be simpler! Each spin generates a small amount of energy. The Prayer Wheel Energy Generator would harness that energy sending it straight into the electrical grid of the nearest county.

The picture below shows the inner workings of the Energy Generator.

Photo courtesty Inhabitat

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