Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

May 5---Nutro Products pulls Greenies Pet DENTAL CHEWS from Stores
May 5---Alex & George Wholesale recall GROUND BEEF Products
May 5---AZ Hydroponic Farming recalls 4oz Alfalfa SPROUT CUPS
May 5---CFIA recalls NANAK Products w/Pistachios---Canada
May 5---Protouch recalls Pro-Choice HAIR STRAIGHTENERS---Canada
May 5---Ambler Mountain Works recalls Erwin Beanie/Poseidon Beanie Knitted HATS
May 5---Wagner Spray Tech recalls Paint SPRAYERS
May 5---Tesco recalls Steps/Fun to Learn PLAY CENTERS---U.K.
May 5---Lloytron recalls Carbon Monoxide ALARMS---U.K.
May 5---Terex Telelect recalls 2008 Utility TRUCKS
Map 5---FDA updates Labeling on Antiepileptic DRUGS

Stay safe, friends!

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