Friday, May 15, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

May 15---Wayne Provision Co. issues allergy alert on Frozen Pork BREAKFAST SAUSAGES
May 15---Amigo's Mexican Food issues allergy alert on PORK TAMALES Wrapped in Corn Husk
May 15---Parmalat Canada issues allergy alert on Sensational SOY BEVERAGES---Canada
May 15---AG Barr recalls Simply Fruity/Simply Aqua WATER DRINKS---U.K.
May 15---Home Ideas recalls Animated Ocean LAMPS---Canada
May 15---Kobian recalls XtatiK AC ADAPTERS---Canada
May 15---Wonplug recalls International Travel ADAPTORS---U.K.
May 15---Biaoda recalls Animal Shaped TOYS w/Sweets---Cyprus
May 15---Jumbo recalls Children's Brown TROUSER'S---Greece
May 15---V & D recalls Frendz Baby's SLEEPING BAGS---Netherlands
May 15---Free & Easy recalls Toy Jewellery DECORATION SETS---Netherlands
May 15---S.C. Johnson recalls Duck Fresh Gel TOILET DISCS---Italy
May 15---Burton recalls Perfumed TALCUM POWDERS---Italy
May 15---Magie di Fata recalls Ladie's SHOES---Italy
May 15---Universal Travel ADAPTORS recalled---Malta
May 15---Amelia recalls Chocolate Fragranced SOAP SETS---Malta
May 15---Euroriding recalls Horse-rider's Protective WAISTCOATS---France
May 15---Soltera recalls Wooden/Felt DECKCHAIRS---France
May 15---Nature et Découvertes recalls Red WARMING PILLOWS---France
May 15---Bahaus recalls CH-2000C (Turbo) Voltotherm Heizkonvektor---Denmark
May 15---Active Travel recalls All-in-One Travel ADAPTORS---Denmark
May 15---Elworks recalls Travel Universal ADAPTORS---Denmark
May 15---Racing recalls Type R SAFETY VESTS---Lithuania
May 15---Fox Baby recalls Children's Grey TOP---Bulgaria
May 15---Red Metallic Children's WHEELBARROWS recalled---Finland
May 15---New Fashion recalls Red Plastic EARRINGS---Finland
May 15---Elaine recalls Toy DOLLS---Finland
May 15---Accessories recalls Green Linen SCARVES---Finland
May 15---DSH Single recalls Ionic Marcel HAIR IRONS---Poland
May 15---Toys recalls Ean Toy MOBILE PHONES---Poland
May 15---Toys recalls PUSH CHAIRS for Dolls---Poland
May 15---Baby Phone recalls Cartoon Dog Toy MOBILE PHONES---Poland
May 15---Sweet Pony recalls Set of Soft TOY PONIES---Poland
May 15---Orbit recalls Teo Slice Electric TOASTERS---Spain
May 15---Vivanco recalls Cord EXTENSION SETS---Spain
May 15---Disney recalls Several Cartoon Character SOFT TOYS---Spain
May 15---1 to 3/Latinas by Tooc/Golden Mouse/Sprandl/Kaxilu/Bubble Bobble/Lola Rico recall FOOTWEAR---Spain
May 15---Childproof Electrical Socket PROTECTORS recalled---Germany
May 15---Superior recalls Blue 2 Slice TOASTERS---Germany
May 15---Nissan/Dongfeng Motor recall 2004-2009 Teana VEHICLES---China
May 15---Health Canada recalls Rofact (Rifampin) CAPSULES---Canada

Stay safe, friends!

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