Friday, May 8, 2009

A Good Connection

I support two children through World Vision; so, I get their magazine "child view". I always read it because it can contain such gems of insight and illumination that I am sent in directions of thinking I have never been before.

In many ways I have always thought that these "third-world residents" have more than we, the so-called privileged few, have. Their sense of community, respect for the earth, common-sense approach to life is certainly desirable in my mind.

In one of the magazine's columns, I found several diamonds worth repeating. This one is taken from the "child view" magazine, written by Will Braun (editor of Geez magazine). He is discussing living faithfully in the global village:
A link exists between my wealth and the poverty of others. Sometimes wealth and poverty are opposites, but sometimes they are two sides of the same equation. The link between economic neighbours is not always as tangible as a pipeline, but the same dynamic applies to countless other products. A system that works well for me doesn't work as well for others.

I'll share the rest of these jewels over the next couple blogs.

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kathi said...

I just finished reading Jim Harrison, "Returning to Earth." Adjunct to the story he does a good job illuminating what you are saying.