Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

More peanut and pistachio recalls:

Apr 1---Union Int. updates SPICE/ PEPPER recall
Apr 1---Niagara Smoked Fish recalls Several Smoked SALMON/ GRAV-LOX Products---Canada
Apr 1---Kroger recalls Lite MAYONNAISE
Apr 1---Harry London Candies issues allergy alert on Peanut Butter CREAM EGGS
Apr 1---Smart Nutrition recalls Trail MIX/Peanut PRODUCTS
Apr 1---John B. Sanfilippo and Son recalls Roasted Salted Inshell PISTACHIOS
Apr 1---Maeco Foods recalls PEANUT MEAL
Apr 1---Kraft Foods updates Peanut Containing PRODUCTS recall---U.S./Canada
Apr 1---Frito Lay recalls ALL PISTACHIO Containing Products---U.S./Canada
Apr 1---HDH suspends 9 BOTTLED WATER Brands---Vietnam
Apr 1---Seven Eleven recalls Several Salad PREPARED FOODS---Japan
Apr 1---Endo Brewing recalls SAKE DRINK---Japan
Apr 1---Okimashi recalls Children's ASOTO DRINK---Japan
Apr 1---Murakawa recalls Mozzarella Cheese PIZZA---Japan
Apr 1---Brotherm Embrocation recalls Forza Embrocation CREAMS
Apr 1---Brave Products reannounces recall of LOG SPLITTERS
Apr 1---Lakeshore Learning recalls What’s Inside? Soft TOY BOXES
Apr 1---Bose recalls 301-AV Monitor SUPPORTS---Japan
Apr 1---Descente Ltd. recalls Several Children's CLOTHES---Japan
Apr 1---Molis recalls Zeeta-Pendant LIGHTS---Japan
Apr 1---Nagata recalls Home OIL HEATERS---Japan
Apr 1---Asahi Glass Co. recalls AL-505 Hot Water PURIFICATION SYSTEMS---Japan
Apr 1---Sony recalls HVL-LBP CAMCORDERS---Japan
Apr 1---Maserati recalls 2009 Granturismo VEHICLES
Apr 1---LDV recalls 2007-2009 "Snap-On Tools" TRUCKS
Apr 1---CP Pharmaceuticals updates Multiparin/Monoparin PRODUCT recall---U.K.
Apr 1---Beckman Coulter recalls Biochemistry/Immunology ENDOCRINE TESTS---Japan

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