Saturday, April 18, 2009

Foods and Other Products Recall

Nuts and vehicles today:

Apr 18---Jeppi Nut and Candy recalls Natural PISTACHIOS
Apr 18---NOW Foods recalls In-Shell PISTACHIOS
Apr 18---Ross Nut Co. recalls Roasted Salted In-shell PISTACHIOS
Apr 18---CFIA recalls Spunky's PISTACHIO Products---Canada
Apr 18---Sabersport recalls Aftermarket Corner/Bumper LAMP ASSEMBLIES on Many Vehicles{check list}
Apr 18---Tiffin recalls 2008-2009 Allegro BUSES
Apr 18---Daimler recalls 2008-2009 Orion VII BUSES
Apr 18---Mazda recalls 2010 Mazda3 VEHICLES
Apr 18---Carrier recalls K410 Rooftop Mounted Condensor ASSEMBLIES
Apr 18---Hyundai recalls Several 1999-2008 VEHICLES

Stay safe, friends!

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