Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

No surprise here...more nuts!

Apr 13---CFIA issues allergy alert on Choripdong BISCUITS (Rice Puffs)---Canada
Apr 13---Everson Distributing recalls Watta Munch Natural PISTACHIOS
Apr 13---Eastern Lamejun Bakers recalls PISTACHIO NUTS
Apr 13---House Of Flavors recalls Pistachio Containing ICE CREAM
Apr 13---Aurora Products recalls Several PISTACHIO Products
Apr 13---Freshdirect Recalls PISTACHIO Products
Apr 13---Bremner Food recalls Shurfine/Stop & Shop/Giant/First Choice PISTACHIOS
Apr 13---Flanigan Farms recalls PISTACHIO NUTS
Apr 13---Bezzerides Co. recalls Art’s California PISTACHIOS
Apr 13---Solo Italia recalls Gorgonzola CHEESE---Netherlands
Apr 13---Raisio Feed at center of Infected Chicken/Pig FEED---Finland
Apr 13---NEA/HM closes STALLS at Geylang Serai Temporary Market---Singapore
Apr 13---Hollow Tourist Farm recalls Kibi Vegetables OKIMASHI---Japan
Apr 13---Akira Maru recalls CHICKEN WINGS---Japan
Apr 13---Tokyu Hands recalls Otsuka Soyjoy Fe PRUNES---Japan
Apr 13---Sitech recalls Diving Hose Flow Restriction INSERTS
Apr 13---Beijing Gaoli recalls four varieties of Locecn COSMETICS---China
Apr 13---Dyson recalls DC22 VACUUM CLEANERS---Japan

Stay safe, friends!

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