Sunday, April 26, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

Seems to something for every country:

Apr 24---Boucherie Jacques Saint-Pierre issues allergy alert on Pork SAUSAGE/ LASAGNA---Canada
Apr 24---La Ferme du Coteau recalls Raw Milk CHEESE---Canada
Apr 24---Jolly Good Food issues allergy alert on Organic Puffed RICE---U.K.
Apr 24---Memory Lane Cakes issues allergy alert on Nestlé FUNtastic Chocolate CAKES---U.K.
Apr 24---Blair recalls Full Length Women’s CHENILLE ROBES
Apr 24---Bref recalls Tornado Gel Disinfectant CLEANERS---Hungary
Apr 24---Denver Electronics recalls 7" Portable DVD PLAYERS---Netherlands
Apr 24---Palmer’s recalls Skin Success FADE CREAMS---Netherlands
Apr 24---Andy Peters recalls Child's Blue/Green PUFFY JACKETS---Greece
Apr 24---Jumbo recalls Grey/Pink Girl's DRESSES---Greece
Apr 24---U Games recalls Creativity for Kids Dream JOURNALS---Australia
Apr 24---K-Mart recalls Tiffany/ Homemaker Stainless Steel BLENDERS---New Zealand
Apr 24---Yonchen recalls Soft Toy BEARS/ DOGS---Spain
Apr 24---Gioseppo recalls Ladie's RED SHOES---Spain
Apr 24---Lola Doudou recalls Noukie's Toy TEDDY BEARS---Germany
Apr 24---Haiyixing recalls LED Display ENTRANCE SIGNS---Germany
Apr 24---Aquahot recalls Electric WATER HEATERS---Malta
Apr 24---L’Asessor recalls White SCARF'S w/Blue Flowers---Finland
Apr 24---First & Main recalls Rainbow Soft TOY BEARS---Finland
Apr 24---Kid Phone recalls Children's Toy ROOM PHONES---Slovakia
Apr 24---2 Different LIGHTING CHAINS recalled---Slovakia
Apr 24---Team-Tex America recalls Babyride Child Restraint SYSTEMS
Apr 24---Kawasaki recalls 2008-2009 KLE650 MOTORCYCLES
Apr 24---Thule recalls Rapid Fixpoint XT CAR RACK Kits---Sweden
Apr 24---Derbi/Aprilia/Gilera recall 50cc/125cc MOTORCYCLES---Spain
Apr 24---Buell Motorcycle recalls 2008 1125R/XB12R/XB12SCG MOTORCYCLES---Australia
Apr 24---Toyota recalls 2006-2009 Camry VEHICLES---China
Apr 24---Reckitt Benckiser recalls DETTOL Antiseptic Liquid
Apr 24---BioScan Ltd. recalls Blood Glucose METERS---Hong Kong

Stay safe, friends!

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