Thursday, April 23, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

Quite a few medical recalls - nuts still top the list:

Apr 23---Harry & David add "A Gift for You" BOXED NUTS to Pistachio recall list
Apr 23---Kariba Farms Inc. recalls CranPistachio MIXES/Shelled, Roasted PISTACHIOS
Apr 23---Ricci & Co. recalls 2 PISTACHIO Products
Apr 23---Alternative Baking Co. issues allergy alert on Several Chocolate Chip COOKIES
Apr 23---Stop & Shop Supermarket issues allergy alert on Simply Enjoy Pina Colada White Chocolate Gourmet COOKIES
Apr 23---Archway & Mothers Cookie Co. issues allergy alert on Iced Oatmeal Crispy Snacking COOKIES
Apr 23---Torres Hillsdale Country Cheese recalls more Oaxaca Soft Mexican-style CHEESES
Apr 23---Hershey Creamery recalls Peanut Butter Pretzel Explosion ICE CREAM
Apr 23---Mave Enterprises recalls It's Delish PISTACHIO Products
Apr 23---China Yurun Food Group recalls LUNCHEON MEATS---China
Apr 23---Haier America recalls Toaster OVENS/ BROILERS
Apr 23---Updated List of recalled Sitech DIVING HOSES
Apr 23---J Blackwood & Son recall Renfroe Lifting CLAMPS/ Gripping CAMS---Australia
Apr 23---Michelin recalls Agriculture TIRES---Australia
Apr 23---Amgen/Immunex report serious fungal infections associated with ENBREL(etanercept) Medication---Int.
Apr 23---IMB recalls AidFast/1st Aid/Powerplast Digital THERMOMETERS---Int.
Apr 23---IMB advises care in use of Bonjela Oromucosal/Teejel ORAL GELS---Ireland
Apr 23---EMEA updates safety information concerning METHYLPHENIDATE Medication---Ireland
Apr 23---Vickmans Lab. ordered to suspend operations involving FRUSEMIDE Tablets---Hong Kong
Apr 23---Stryker Howmedica recalls Modular Replacement System (MRS) CEMENTED STEMS
Apr 23---Maquet recalls ALM Prismatic Surgical LIGHTS
Apr 23---Medtronic recalls Streamline Bipolar Temporary Myocardial PACING LEADS
Apr 23---EP Medsystems recalls NurseMate Monitoring and Charting STATIONS
Apr 23---Stryker Spine recalls Trio Small Offset CONNECTORS
Apr 23---Stryker Howmedica recalls AxSOS Torque Limiting SCREWDRIVERS
Apr 23---Datascope Corp. recalls Low-Level Output CABLE
Apr 23---Cardiovascular Systems recalls Diamondback 360 CSI ViperWire Orbital Atherectomy GUIDE WIRES
Apr 23---Hamilton Co. recalls 300 Microliter CO-RE TIPS
Apr 23---Biomet recalls Marrowstim Concentration KITS---Int.
Apr 23---Smiths Medical recalls CADD Medication Cassette RESERVOIR---Int.
Apr 23---Pointe Scientific recalls Direct Bilirubin Reagent SETS---Int.
Apr 23---Smith & Nephew recall Reflection Microstable Acetabular LINERS---Int.
Apr 23---Edwards Lifesciences recalls Swan-Ganz Thermodilution CATHETERS---Int.

Stay safe, friends!

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