Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

More pistachios, more vehicles and more medical stuff:

Apr 7---Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market recalls Chili Lemon PISTACHIOS
Apr 7---International Foodsource recalls Roasted Salted PISTACHIOS
Apr 7---21st Century Snack Foods recalls Several PISTACHIO Products
Apr 7---John B. Sanfilippo expands Archer Farms Roasted PISTACHIO recall
Apr 7---John B. Sanfilippo expands Fisher Bulk In-Shell PISTACHIO recall
Apr 7---Lussier Metro issues Sulphite allergy alert on Several FOOD PRODUCTS---Canada
Apr 7---Energy Club recalls Mucho Sabor In-Shell PISTACHIOS
Apr 7---Routine Tests Uncover Listeria Contamination in Strubs Norwegian Style Steelhead SALMON
Apr 7---Setton Pistachio expands PISTACHIO NUT recall
Apr 7---Lamb’s Markets recalls Trail MIXES/Bulk PEANUTS
Apr 7---Honeywell Int. recalls Vista Security System Control PANELS
Apr 7---Polaris recalls Several 2007-2009 SNOWMOBILES
Apr 7---Healthtex recalls Children's Zoo PACIFIERS
Apr 7---Several Retailers recall Simplicity Travel Tender PLAY YARDS
Apr 7---Update---Stanley recalls STUD SENSORS
Apr 7---IGC Dorel recalls Mothers Choice Kensington COTS---Australia
Apr 7---Imported Southeast Asia G Wheel MOTOR BIKES recalled---France
Apr 7---Thule recalls 2007-2009 Mazda/Subaru VEHICLES w/Roof Mounted Fit Kits
Apr 7---Hind Wing Co. updates Dithrasal OINTMENT recall---Hong Kong
Apr 7---IMB updates Multiparin/Monoparin/Heparin Sodium PRODUCTS alert---Ireland

Stay safe, friends!

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