Saturday, April 11, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

Nuts and glass-jarred products:

Apr 10---Barnard Nut recalls Several PISTACHIO Products
Apr 10---Cains Foods issues allergy alert on Old Cape Cod Sweet & Bold Grilling SAUCE
Apr 10---Déli Beauce issues allergy alert on Gluten Free PEPPERONI---Canada
Apr 10---Metro Richelieu/ Sobeys recalls Several GLASS JARRED Products---Canada
Apr 10---Rocky Mountain Foods recalls Several PISTACHIO Containing Products
Apr 10---Eillien’s Candies adds more products to PISTACHIO recall list
Apr 10---Hickory Harvest Foods/I M Good Snacks recalls ALL PISTACHIO Products
Apr 10---Ann’s House of Nuts recalls Pistachio Containing PRODUCTS
Apr 10---Cub Foods recalls Queen OLIVES Stuffed With Minced Pimientos
Apr 10---BFSA recalls CURRY/ Curry PASTES/ Curry Spice MIXES---Europe

Stay safe, friends!

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