Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

A mixed bag today with some medical alerts:

Apr 6---Union International Food updates DRY SPICES recall
Apr 6---Family Cregheur Pierre issues Sulphite allergy alert on Several MEAT PRODUCTS---Canada
Apr 6---Harvest Bakery updates BREADS allergy alert---Canada
Apr 6---Penny recalls Natural Wine SAUERKRAUT---Germany
Apr 6---C1000 recalls Fresh Baked APPLE FLAPS---Netherlands
Apr 6---Yuda Corporation recalls MILK PRODUCTS---Japan
Apr 6---Atico International/Walgreen's recalls 10/12 Cup COFFEEMAKERS
Apr 6---Shimano Benelux recalls 9-speed CN-HG73 BICYCLE CHAINS---Netherlands
Apr 6---Hartmann recalls Micro/ Nano WARNING TRIANGLES---Germany
Apr 6---Scarpa recalls Telemark TX Pro BOOTS---Germany
Apr 6---Transonic recalls Portable DVD PLAYERS---New Zealand
Apr 6---Mercedes-Benz recalls Transperth Evobus/ CNG BUSES---Australia
Apr 6---Roche Diagnostic recalls Accu-Chek Spirit Insulin INFUSION PUMPS---U.K.
Apr 6---Glaxo Smith Kline recalls Engerix Pre-filled SYRINGES---U.K.
Apr 6---Dermatech recalls Dithrasal 1%/ 2% OINTMENT---Australia
Apr 6---Novartis Pharm./ Zuellig Pharm. recalls Viscotears EYE DROPS---Hong Kong
Apr 6---Bristol-Myers recalls Baraclude TABLETS---Hong Kong

Stay safe, friends!

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