Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

Quite a few food items:

Apr 28---Battenkill Valley Creamery issues allergy alert on Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ICE CREAM
Apr 28---Piller Sausages and Delicatessens recalls Smoked HAM/ TURKEY BACON---Canada
Apr 28---Austinuts Wholesale recalls PISTACHIO Kernels/Nut MIXES
Apr 28---Setton clarifies product and identification codes of recalled PISTACHIO Products
Apr 28---Food Trac recalls Lar Frozen Cooked DICED CHICKEN---U.K.
Apr 28---Jolly Good Food issues allergy alert on Several ORGANUC PRODUCTS---U.K.
Apr 28---Sainsbury's issues allergy alert on Strawberry PENCILS---U.K.
Apr 28---Baby Gap recalls Duffle/Toggle COATS---U.K.
Apr 28---Advanced Carbon Composites recalls EXT-300 Motorcycle HELMETS
Apr 28---Trimark recalls Emergency Vehicle DOOR LATCHES
Apr 28---Tyco Healthcare/ Covidien recall Paediatric Tracheostomy TUBES---U.K.
Apr 28---Pfizer recalls Lignocaine HCl INJECTION---Hong Kong

Stay safe, friends!

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