Friday, April 17, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

Vehicles, food, toys, candy and food:

Apr 17---Ivar's Soup, Seafood and Sauce issues allergy alert on Turkey SOUP BASE Products
Apr 17---GP Supermarkets issues allergy alert on Dauphinois CHEESE---Canada
Apr 17---Janzen Farms recalls Roasted/Salted PISTACHIOS in the Shell
Apr 17---Staples recalls Crunch Time PISTACHIO NUTS
Apr 17---Dollarama issues allergy alert on Bergen Apple Cinnamon COOKIES---Canada
Apr 17---CFIA recalls more PISTACHIO Containing Products---Canada
Apr 17---Sainsbury’s recalls Frozen Thin & Crusty Vegetable Stonebake PIZZA---U.K.
Apr 17---Tesco issues allergy alert on Storck Nimm 2 POLISH CANDY---U.K.
Apr 17---The Swiss Colony recalls Certain In-Shell PISTACHIO Products
Apr 17---Osage Pecan Company recalls Roasted/Salted In-Shell PISTACHIOS
Apr 17---Island Snacks recalls Chile Lemon PISTACHIOS
Apr 17---Life Time Sales/Besco Beauty recall SHAMPOO/ CONDITIONER/ MOUSSE---Canada
Apr 17---SkyLead Trading recalls Remote Control TOY HELICOPTERS---Canada
Apr 17---Eprom/Maruson Tech. recalls Micro AVR-1000 POWER BARS---Canada
Apr 17---Oley recalls Motorised PROJECTOR SCREENS---U.K.
Apr 17---Irish Creative Stamping recalls Toy KALEIDOSCOPES---U.K.
Apr 17---Colgate-Palmolive recalls Twister Fresh TOOTHBRUSHES---U.K.
Apr 17---Pacific Magazines recalls Ben 10 Alien Fighter WATCHES---Australia
Apr 17---Atomic recalls Several Different LIGHTERS---Cyprus
Apr 17---Xoops recalls Children's Sweatshirt TOPS/JACKETS---Lithuania
Apr 17---Dipinto recalls Hooded SWEATSHIRT TOPS---Finland
Apr 17---Salsa Collection recalls Cotton Cake Food IMITATION PRODUCTS---Germany
Apr 17---Newquida recalls Wavechopper Remote controlled Boat ADAPTORS---Germany
Apr 17---Botanis recalls Goat Butter SKIN CREAMS---Germany
Apr 17---Koopman recalls Reindeer/Snowman DRAUGHT STOPPERS---Germany
Apr 17---Vivanco recalls Compact TRAVEL ADAPTORS---Germany
Apr 17---Kress recalls Wet/Dry VACUUM CLEANERS---Germany
Apr 17---Pasite/Nio Nio/Ess recall Several BOOTS/SHOES/FOOTWEAR---Spain
Apr 17---Soaker Slammers/Lanard recall Plastic TOY MACE---Spain
Apr 17---Unilite recalls Ball-Point Pen Electronic LIGHTERS---Spain
Apr 17---Hohot Toys recalls MUSICAL DOLLS---Spain
Apr 17---Witka recalls Magnetic EDUCATIONAL TOYS---Spain
Apr 17---Powerplus recalls Petrol POWER GENERATORS---Spain
Apr 17---Dokocom/Denver recall DVD Player BATTERIES---Denmark
Apr 17---Buddy Wood recalls Animal Toy WOODEN TRAINS---Denmark
Apr 17---Jumbo recalls Red/Blue BABY'S JACKETS---Greece
Apr 17---Liberty recalls Gouache WATER COLOR SET---Greece
Apr 17---Pop recalls Make-Up BEAUTY SET---Greece
Apr 17---Common Toys recalls "Fluffy Ball" YO-YO BALL---Greece
Apr 17---Disney Baby recalls Disney Baby/Jumbo BABY'S JUMPSUIT---Greece
Apr 17---Boxing Game recalls Toy BOXING SET---Greece
Apr 17---Akamai recalls White Children's JACKETS---Greece
Apr 17---Hyundai recalls 2001-2003 Elantra/Tiburon/Santa Fe VEHICLES
Apr 17---Ford recalls 2005-2007 Focus VEHICLES---Germany
Apr 17---Honda recalls GG2/GG3 Jazz VEHICLES---Germany
Apr 17---Volkswagen recalls 2007 Crafter VEHICLES---Greece
Apr 17---Renault recalls 2003-2006 Twingo VEHICLES---Germany
Apr 17---Citreon recalls Several Models of VEHICLES---Germany
Apr 17---Shen Neng Herbal Med. recalls Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Wan PILLS---Australia

Stay safe, friends!

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