Thursday, April 23, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

Bit of this, bit of that:

Apr 22---Los Angeles Calco recalls ALFALFA SPROUTS
Apr 22---Walgreens recalls Deerfield Farms Mediterranean Fruit and Nut BLEND
Apr 22---CFIA adds 2 more products to PISTACHIO recall list---Canada
Apr 22---Glutenfree Bakery issues allergy alert LAMINGTONS---Australia
Apr 22---SportsPlay Equipment recalls Several Children's PLAYGROUNDS
Apr 22---Ontario Lottery recalls 92 LOTTERY TICKETS---Canada
Apr 22---Poundland recalls Bicycle Puncture Repair KITS---U.K.
Apr 22---Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories recalls PRODUCTS manufactured in Detroit?---India
Apr 22---BMW recalls 2008 R1200 GS MOTORCYCLES
Apr 22---Yakima recalls Quickback 2/3 Trunk Mounted BIKE RACKS
Apr 22---Universal ABC Beauty Supply International recalls Several Dietary Supplement PRODUCTS

Stay safe, friends!

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