Saturday, April 11, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

Not so many nuts; but, clothing, tools and vehicles:

Apr 11---Harris Teeter recalls Natural Roasted & Salted PISTACHIOS
Apr 11---Albanese Confectionery recalls Shelled PISTACHIOS/ Deluxe Mix NUTS
Apr 11---Top Food & Drug/Haggen Food and Pharmacy recall In-Shell PISTACHIOS
Apr 11---Lake Champlain Chocolates recalls Products containing PISTACHIOS
Apr 11---Eastern Lamejun Bakers recalls PISTACHIO NUTS California
Apr 11---Dollarama recalls Bergen ALMOND COOKIES---Canada
Apr 11---GIA recalls White Illuminator POLARISCOPE
Apr 11---Bi4b/Ole Con Ole/Joyca recall Women`s/Girl`s SHOES---Spain
Apr 11---Poloni/Tokitos/Tattoo recall BOOT'S/ SHOES---Spain
Apr 11---Superhawk/Jungle Juice Platinum Leather CLEANSER recalled---Lithuania
Apr 11---Realm recalls Electric LIGHTING CHAINS---Hungary
Apr 11---Saugella recalls Poligyn Liquid CLEANSER---Portugal
Apr 11---Pil-Food recalls PH 6 SHAMPOOS---Portugal
Apr 11---Super Glue recalls SUPER GLUE---Germany
Apr 11---Envy/ Monsoon Accessorize recalls EARRINGS/ NECKLACE---Denmark
Apr 11---Karvany recalls Several Children's JEWELLERY---Denmark
Apr 11---Nattou recalls Orange Cotton Children's PONCHO---Finland
Apr 11---Arcade recalls Red Viscose SCARFS---Finland
Apr 11---Agrimix/ Sole Verde recall Fungicidal INSECTICIDES---Malta
Apr 11---Whirlwind recalls Kids Illuminated ROLLER SKATES---Bulgaria
Apr 11---Helper recalls Three-Parts Universal LADDERS---Slovakia
Apr 11---OK recalls Set of AXES---Slovakia
Apr 11---Yick Wah Toys/Alltoys recalls Wooden Theatre PLAYSETS---Slovakia
Apr 11---Model 140L Christmas LIGHTING CHAIN recalled---Slovakia
Apr 11---Unknown Clockwork MICE TOY recalled---Czech Republic
Apr 11---Latitude Enfant recalls In-Car TOY MOBILES---France
Apr 11---Electra recalls Several 2009 BICYCLES---Greece
Apr 11---Sam 0-13 recalls Green BABY'S JACKETS---Greece
Apr 11---Jumbo recalls Red Children's TROUSERS---Greece
Apr 11---Newness recalls Madeira Beach Children's T-SHIRTS---Greece
Apr 11---Mek recalls Children's JACKETS---Greece
Apr 11---Valera recalls Hair STYLER/ CURLER---Greece
Apr 11---GM recalls Several 1997-2003 VEHICLES
Apr 11---Chrysler announces 3 recalls on 2001-2009 Jeep VEHICLES
Apr 11---Nissan Diesel recalls 2008 UD3300 TRUCKS
Apr 11---Winnebago recalls Several 2002-2006 MOTORHOMES
Apr 11---Honda recalls Several Models MOTORCYCLES---Portugal
Apr 11---Pyramid Parts recalls Brake Lining PADS---U.K.

Stay safe, friends!

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