Monday, April 20, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

Mixed bag; mostly food items with a few vehicles:

Apr 20---Papa Joes Gourmet Market and Catering Stores recalls PISTACHIO Products
Apr 20---Amalgamated Produce expands Crunchy SPROUTS/ PEA MIX recall
Apr 20---Kamdar Plaza recalls Raw/Roasted/Salted PISTACHIOS
Apr 20---Nut's on Clark recalls Roasted/Salted In-Shell California PISTACHIOS
Apr 20---Nature's World recalls NW Delights Deluxe MIXED NUTS
Apr 20---The Peanut Shop recalls Several PISTACHIO Products
Apr 20---Raja Foods recalls Swad Raw/Roasted Salted Natural PISTACHIOS
Apr 20---Virginia Diner Inc. recalls Gourmet Deluxe MIXED NUTS
Apr 20---L&H Industries recalls World Famous Gourmet Nutty Nanners Frozen BANANAS
Apr 20---CFIA updates Smoked SALMON recall alert---Canada
Apr 20---A G Barr recalls Simply Aqua/Simply Fruity DRINKS---U.K.
Apr 20---Espuna recalls Sarta Fort/Sharf Hot CHORIZO---U.K.
Apr 20---Kyoto Factory Stores recalls Bottled CREPES---Japan
Apr 20---Japan Dairy Coop. recalls Drinking MILK---Japan
Apr 20---Co-op recalls Salad DRESSING---Japan
Apr 20---Kudankita Corp. recalls Processed Seafood PRODUCTS---Japan
Apr 20---Sane Resources recalls Women's SHOES---Japan
Apr 20---Hyundai/ Kia recall 48,000 VEHICLES---South Korea
Apr 20---Update---Volvo recalls 2007 Diesel VEHICLES---Europe
Apr 20---Varian Medical recalls Exact COUCH TOP---U.K.

Stay safe, friends!

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