Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

Pistachios top the list and the rest is a bit of a mixed bag:

Apr 15---National Importing recalls Smoked SALMON Products---Canada
Apr 15---Gordy’s County Market issues allergy alert on Taco BRATWURSTS
Apr 15---Hines Nut Co. recalls Roasted/Salted Inshell PISTACHIO NUTS
Apr 15---Indian Groceries & Spices recalls Raw Pistachio KERNELS
Apr 15---Azar Nut Company recalls Raw PISTACHIOS
Apr 15---Nino Salvaggio Int. recalls Special Selection PISTACHIO NUTS
Apr 15---Nassau Candy recalls Various PISTACHIO Products
Apr 15---Albanese Confectionery recalls PISTACHIO Products
Apr 15---In-Room Plus recalls In-Shell/Berry Granola PISTACHIOS---U.S./Canada
Apr 15---Nut Producers recalls Value Pack Dry Roasted/Salted PISTACHIOS---Australia
Apr 15---Philips Consumer Lifestyle recalls Senseo One-Cup COFFEEMAKERS
Apr 15---Athearn recalls Genesis SD60M HO TRAINS
Apr 15---B&Q recalls Barcelona Wooden Garden HAMMOCKS---U.K.
Apr 15---Omega Tankers & Trailers recalls Heil TANKERS---Australia
Apr 15---ION Labs Inc. recalls Influend Cough/Cold PRODUCTS
Apr 15---Teleflex Medical/Arrow Int. recalls Intra Aortic Balloon Pump (IAB) CATHETERS
Apr 15---FDA updates Ceftriaxone (marketed at Rocephin and generics) PRODUCT alert
Apr 15---GE Healthcare issues medical alert on Aisys/Avance Anaesthetic CARESTATIONS---U.K.

Stay safe, friends!

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