Thursday, April 9, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

What a mixed bag: nuts, clothing, food, medical supplies and vehicles.

Apr 9---Asia Cash and Carry recalls Crown Farms KESKI FISH
Apr 9---Mese Hsin Tung Yang Food Co. issues allergy alert on HTY Almond COOKIE/Sun CAKE/Bean CAKE
Apr 9---CFIA recalls no name Green CARDAMOM---Canada
Apr 9---SoyaWorld Inc. issues allergy alert on So Good Creamy Vanilla Non-Dairy Frozen DESSERT---Canada
Apr 9---CFIA adds Amira/Setton Farms/Energy Club to PISTACHIO Product recall---Canada
Apr 9---Diamond Foods Inc. recalls Emerald In-Shell PISTACHIO NUTS
Apr 9---Sendik's Food Markets expands In-Shell PISTACHIO recall
Apr 9---Klein Bros. Holdings recalls Arroyo Seco TRAIL MIXES
Apr 9---Sahale Snacks recalls Ksar/ Marrakesh Pistachio NUT BLEND---International
Apr 9---Mountain Man Nut and Fruit recalls In-Shell Roasted/Salted PISTACHIOS
Apr 9---John B. Sanfilippo adds more products to PISTACHIO recall list
Apr 9---Ann's House of Nuts recalls Several PISTACHIO Products
Apr 9---Wegmans Food Markets recalls Patisserie PRODUCTS w/Pistachios
Apr 9---Renfroe Pecan Company recalls Nationwide PISTACHIOS
Apr 9---Astor Chocolate Corp. recalls In-Shell/Shelled PISTACHIOS
Apr 9---Marathon Ventures recalls Roasted Salted In-Shell PISTACHIOS
Apr 9---Marybake issues allergy alert on Yogurt Coated FRUIT---U.K.
Apr 9---Nocelle Foods recalls PISTACHIO NUT Products---Australia
Apr 9---Extra Lighting recalls Under Cabinet LIGHTING
Apr 9---Wal-Mart/Pagoda Footwear recalls CARS Fleece Clog Children’s SHOES
Apr 9---Ross Stores recalls Folding PATIO CHAIRS
Apr 9---Wal-Mart recalls George/Joyfair WOMEN'S SHOES
Apr 9---Daimler Trucks recalls 2005-2008 FS65/ FB65 School/Transit BUSES
Apr 9---Navistar recalls 2001-2006 Workhorse W22 Recreational VEHICLES
Apr 9---Robert McBride Ltd. recalls Several MOUTHWASHES---U.K.
Apr 9---Zoll Medical recalls AED Plus DEFIBRILLATORS---International
Apr 9---Stelkast Co. recalls Dual Taper Wedge Pressed Fit Femoral COMPONENTS
Apr 9---Zeus Scientific recalls Sm ELISA Test SYSTEMS
Apr 9---Lexamed recalls BEC Growth Chek Microbial SUSPENSION
Apr 9---FDA recalls Ny-Tannic/ Vazotan Suspension MEDICINES
Apr 9---Theragenics Corp. recalls InSTANT Stranding System SPACERS
Apr 9---AstraZeneca recalls Seroquel XR Extended-Release TABLETS
Apr 9---Pharmaceutical Assoc. recalls Cimetidine Hydrochloride Oral SOLUTION
Apr 9---Stryker Medical recalls Electric STRETCHERS w/Quick Drop
Apr 9---KV Pharmaceutical recalls MS Extended-Release TABLETS---Canada
Apr 9---Merck recalls Gardasil VACCINES---Spain
Apr 9---Trumpf Medical recalls Iled Surgical LIGHTS---International
Apr 9---Immuno Concepts recalls Relisa Ena Multiparameter Antibody Screening TESTS---International
Apr 9---Zimmer recalls Interchangeable Ulnar/ Humeral ASSEMBLYS---International

Apr 8---Fineland Corp. issues allergy alert on Mong Lee Shang BAMBOO SHOOTS Info starts waaay down
Apr 8---Sendik's Food Markets recalls In-Shell Pistachio Nut PRODUCTS
Apr 8---Gurley’s Foods recalls Mountain Country Brand Garlic PISTACHIOS
Apr 8---Kanan Ent. recalls Red/ Garlic Onion PISTACHIO Nuts
Apr 8---Trophy Nut Co. recalls In-Shell Roasted/ Salted PISTACHIO Nuts
Apr 8---Tillamook Country Smoker recalls PISTACHIO Products
Apr 8---Rich Products Corp. issues allergy alert on Farm Rich Breaded VEGETABLE STICKS
Apr 8---Illinois Nut & Candy Co. recalls PISTACHIOS/ Passover MIXED NUTS
Apr 8---Dekalb Farmers Market recalls Roasted Salted Pistachio KERNELS
Apr 8---Anton-Argires expands Pistachio Containing PRODUCTS recall
Apr 8---Update---Wow Cafe and Wingery recalls Thai Peanut WING SAUCE/ DRESSING
Apr 8---Mars Food recalls Dolmio/ Uncle Ben's SAUCE PRODUCTS---U.K.
Apr 8---Vantage Foods recalls Safeway Lean GROUND BEEF---Canada
Apr 8---CFIA recalls more Salmonella Contaminated PISTACHIO Products---Canada
Apr 8---GE recalls Profile Freestanding Dual Fuel RANGES
Apr 8---Suzhou Debao Baby Supplies recalls Nuk Baby TALCUM POWDER---China
Apr 8---Ford recalls 2009 E-350/E-450 Cutaway SCHOOL BUSES
Apr 8---Peugeot recalls Model 308 VEHICLES---Australia
Apr 8---Schulke & Mayr issues Medical Alert on Mikrozid DISINFECTION WIPES---U.K.
Apr 8---Main Life Corp. recalls Dexaltin Oral PASTE/Dopareel TABLETS/Glutathion TABLETS/Lacspan POWDER---Hong Kong

Stay safe, friends!

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