Saturday, April 4, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

Nuts, nuts, and more nuts along with kids' toys and some motor vehicles:

Apr 3---Lawrence's Delights issues allergy alert on WALNUT BAKLAVA
Apr 3---Perk-Up Inc. recalls Panda Brand CHICKEN BASE Products
Apr 3---Supermarché Ferland recalls Several SOUP PRODUCTS---Canada
Apr 3---Harry and David recalls several Pistachio Nut CANDIES
Apr 3---Giant Eagle recalls Pecan Perfection PRODUCTS
Apr 3---Snackerz Inc. recalls Snackerz Roasted/Salted PEANUTS---International
Apr 3---Nature Kist Snacks recalls In-Shell PISTACHIO NUTS---International
Apr 3---Chukar Cherry Co. recalls Pistachio Containing PRODUCTS---International
Apr 3---Eillien’s Candies recalls Dry Roasted Pistachio KERNELS
Apr 3---Setton International Foods updates PISTACHIO Product recall
Apr 3---John B. Sanfilippo expands Archer Farms Roasted Salted Inshell PISTACHIO recall
Apr 3---ASDA recalls Ultra Light Squeezy MAYONNAISE---U.K.
Apr 3---Heinz issues allergy alert on Dijon Mustard SAUCE---Australia
Apr 3---Ke Jie Electronic recalls Type CMR Category 6 Communication CABLE---Canada
Apr 3---Bioderma recalls ABCDerm Striae SKIN CREAM---France
Apr 3---Aurea recalls Massage/ Skin CREAMS---Austria
Apr 3---Aoon Toys recalls Battery Powered TOY HAMMER---Spain
Apr 3---Coolway/Roberto Botella/Balleri/Too Much/Maria Mare/Jimei recall Ladie's SHOES/ BOOTS---Spain
Apr 3---Sia Home Fashion recalls Strawberry/ Apple DECORATIONS---Denmark
Apr 3---Apollo/Royal/Jiang/Obs/Other Brands recalls Several FIREWORKS---Denmark
Apr 3---Kik recalls Fantasy Bird BALL POINT PENS---Germany
Apr 3---Coconel recalls Ladie's Black ANKLE BOOTS---Germany
Apr 3---Graceland recalls Black Lace Up BOOTS---Germany
Apr 3---Lucida Handicraft/Kaufland Warenhandel recalls WITCH COSTUME---Germany
Apr 3---Simplex recalls Toy Wooden JIGSAW PUZZLES---Germany
Apr 3---Caixing recalls Digital TABLE CLOCKS---Hungary
Apr 3---Techno Lux recalls Dolphin DESK LAMPS---Hungary
Apr 3---Vinchi recalls Comfort HAND MIXERS---Hungary
Apr 3---Slammer recalls Foam Missile Dart BLOW PIPE---U.K.
Apr 3---Fun-tastic recalls Kid's Toy DART GUNS---U.K.
Apr 3---Fun-tastic recalls Action Archery BLOW PIPE Toys---U.K.
Apr 3---Children's Toy Kitchen PLAY SET recalled---Poland
Apr 3---Jie Cheng/Vision recall Several Toy MOBILE PHONES---Poland
Apr 3---Jumbo recalls Girl's KNITTED VESTS---Greece
Apr 3---Coffee recalls Food Imitating Scented CANDLES---Greece
Apr 3---Baby Team recalls Children's JACKETS---Greece
Apr 3---Navistar recalls 2009-2010 International TRUCKS/ BUSES
Apr 3---Van Conversions recalls Several 2004-2007 VEHICLES w/Ricon Lifts
Apr 3---Triumph recalls 2008-2009 Rocket III Touring MOTORCYCLES
Apr 3---Mitsubishi recalls TRUCKS w/Defective Headlamp Assemblies
Apr 3---Mercedes-Benz recalls 2009 M Class VEHICLES---Australia
Apr 3---Fresenius Medical Care recalls Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis SOLUTIONS---Hong Kong

Stay safe, friends!

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