Sunday, April 26, 2009

Future Earth

I have just finished watching part 1 of the 4-part series Future Earth. I highly encourage everyone to find the times this series is being broadcast in their area and tune in. The photography is brilliant, the information astonishing, and it is explained in layman's terms so everyone can understand.

During part 1, we went to the Arctic to do series of tests during a "drift" on the ice station/boat Tara. The researchers wanted to determine how the glacial ice was melting, where it floated to during spontaneous movement and the effects this was having on the environment.

The scientists took the Tara to the Arctic and let her freeze in. With no anchor, they monitored the course they drifted on, ice depths on that drift, how fast they drifted, and many other tests.

According to the information they have gathered so far, the Arctic polar ice cap could melt entirely by 2013!

Watch the other 3 parts and visit their website. It is a cornucopia of information - some of it designed to help us help the environment.

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